…trolling used to be pretty funny and almost entirely harmless. Trolling, despite the modern usage, does not mean “the act of pissing somebody off and laughing about their anger.” It is “the act of pissing somebody off BASED ON SOMETHING COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS and laughing about their MISPLACED anger.” It isn’t considered trolling to leave a comment full of racial epithets and laugh when people “don’t get it.” It is trolling if you leave a comment insisting on the wrong information about something irrelevant – how many runes are on a Stargate, for example (everybody knows its 12) – and wait for the ONE guy that just can’t let the transgression pass. If you start a fake fight with Prof. Stargate, dragging him deeper and deeper until hopefully, finally, even he has to stop and think “wait a minute, this is ridiculous,” that is trolling. That’s the difference: No actual harm is caused, and even the victim can eventually get in on the joke. “Trolling” isn’t referring to hiding behind a fortification and trying to hurt people like the mythical creature. It’s referring to the style of fishing – you drag bait across the bottom hoping to get a rare bite. It’s not ‘bait’ if you’re earnestly spouting your misogynistic beliefs and somebody gets upset. There’s nothing funny about entirely justified anger.

Rico Slade will rip your fucking throat out (if he doesn’t make you die of laughter first).

I joined tumblr to tell you that cursing less than 37 times during an average month is pretty weak. Damn, this site baffles me.


First off, I ask you. What would you do if you and two of your insane friends walked into Barnes and Noble and spied upon one of the shelves a novel whose cover featured a burning, grinning Arnold Schwarzenegger standing in front of a neon sign?

You’d likely read it, of course. As you damn well should. 

Said book is the pinnacle of literary merit, an true example of what man can achieve when he is either touched by creative genius or blasted out of his mind on cocaine. The complete title of this masterpiece of the English language is “Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You”.

You should all buy it. I don’t care if you’re not wearing pants. Go to the bookstore and get it right this goddamned second.

Spoiler alert:

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